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Training Tips

Training Updates – New E-Learning Modules

New modules for JBL HDI Series, JBL Conceal Series, and Arcam HDA two-channel are now available.

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

New Luxury Audio e-learning site

In June, Luxury Audio released a new narrated training module on our university training site featuring JBL HDI series speakers. This new module is fun and informative and should be taken by any dealer who desires to learn more about compression driver technology, its advantages, and JBL’s advances in this field.  D2 Compression Drivers and High Definition Imaging (HDI) waveguides are exclusive JBL innovations that incorporate several patents. These proprietary designs take advantage of compression driver efficiency, while minimizing adverse effects of standard “horn” technology. The JBL HDI speakers are so much fun, I just bought a pair.    

JBL d2 Driver

The JBL Conceal module introduces a new opportunity for all JBL dealers to offer invisible music to a whole new category of clients who love music but not the gear. Invisible speakers are the largest growing category of whole house music and JBL Conceal breaks new ground in performance. Learn how JBL Conceal adds sales to whole house systems and why the JBL Conceal line is an industry leader in performance. Premier distributed audio, invisible home theater and quality out of sight 2-channel music systems are all a reality with JBL Conceal.

In July, the Arcam HDA 2-Channel lesson showcases the incredible new SA30 amplifier with Class G, Dirac Live and on board streaming capability.  The SA20 and SA10 amplifiers along with the CDS50 SACD player/media streamer are also showcased. The learner will gain a greater understanding of Arcam’s benchmark technologies, the differences of each model and appreciate the core capabilities of the line for superb music reproduction. These amplifiers along with JBL or Revel speakers make an incredible 2- channel music system that is hard to beat.

JBL Classic L82

You can find these new trainings here, and we hope you enjoy them.

Once you sign in, if the course is not populated on your home page, click “Go to Courses” to sign up for this class. Stay tuned later this month as more training becomes available for JBL Conceal and Arcam HDA 2-channel electronics.