Arcam SA30 UK press awards

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Arcam SA30 Receives an Influx of Outstanding UK Press

Back in February, the SA30 was awarded a 5-star review from What Hi-Fi? with the magazine stating: "The (SA30) has all the sonic smoothness, scale and powerful muscularity we’ve come to expect from Arcam components and their Class G amplification... The (SA30’s) appetite for vocals is exemplary. That pleasing clarity and subtlety is presented on a big, spacious and tonally even canvas – one that puts space between the melodic electric strings and the acoustic strums they sit on top of, without sacrificing their intended interplay."

Following this momentum, the SA30 received a 5-star review and a recommended product award from HiFi Choice. Author Mark Craven concludes the review by praising the SA30's sound quality and features: "The traditional styling of this superb sounding integrated hides some state-of-the-art skills."

HiFi News has also awarded the SA30 an outstanding product award and the review features some very complimentary statements such as:

"More all-in-one than conventional integrated amp, Arcam’s SA30 finds the brand embracing modern trends and features, if not the Bluetooth functionality and fashionista stylings of some rivals. It’s a timely and welcome update, offering source flexibility and clever digital EQ to the purposeful and revealing sound of its Class G power plant. Arcam may be streamlining its product range, but hasn’t lost its focus.

"Range right on the Arcam’s volume control to fully savour Muse’s operatics and it happily obliges. At high volumes the SA30 remains utterly in control and free of distortion. Indeed, throughout my listening I never felt it struggled regardless of the demands made. Arcam’s Class G implementation works as advertised – confident both at tick over and full-throttle."

The SA30 also achieves a highly recommended award from HiFi Critic with the magazine praising the sound-quality: "Yes, the sound is still very Arcam, being rich and just a bit lush rather than all-out attacking, making this not only an amplifier with the wherewithal to drive speakers extremely well, but also one with a sonic balance that makes speaker-matching easy."

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