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From the Audio Files

Audioholics Reviews the HDI-3800

In early June Audioholics published their review of the JBL HDI-3800, the flagship floorstanding loudspeakers from the new JBL HDI Series. To summarize, and dramatically understate, Audioholics greatly enjoyed their experience with the 3800s.

Here are a few of our favorite excerpts:

“Out of the gate, the HDI-3800s reproduced the choral voices with pristine clarity and precision. Center imaging for the lead vocal was exact, and the expanse of the choir was well-defined. The pipe organ backing had a strong but not overpowering presence, and other instruments came through with crystal clarity. These speakers' soundstage for 'Requiem for a Friend' did not leave anything to be desired. On the more intense passages of the album, the HDI-3800s really shined and managed a dynamic presentation that definitely would have eluded smaller speakers...

“The first thing that struck me is how well the HDI-3800s anchor Birkin’s voice squarely in the center of the soundstage along with piano playing. String sections surrounded the center for a wider full orchestra soundstage, and the woodwinds could be heard to be a bit more contained. The imaging abilities if these speakers are outstanding...

“At loud levels, the bass from the HDI-3800s could shake the room and could be felt as much as heard. That isn’t all that surprising given the low frequencies are collectively being produced by six 8” woofers, which has a greater combined surface area than an 18” woofer. It is a prodigious level of low-frequency output, but I never felt it was uncontrolled or poorly defined bass.”

Read the entire review here.

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