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May 2020 Update: Arcam and JBL Synthesis

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

New Luxury Audio e-learning site

Training materials are developed weekly by the training group and our most recent releases are now available on the University site. Two new training videos are being offered:

1. ARCAM: Introduction to Dirac Live
Anyone planning to perform a “Dirac Live” calibration should view this 30 minute comprehensive overview of the entire process. This is a valuable lesson for anyone who is about to calibrate an Arcam, Lexicon or JBL Synthesis “Dirac Live” based processor. Great for the first time calibrator and also as a review for veteran users of Dirac Live.

JBL Synthesis training graphic

2. JBL Synthesis: The JBL Synthesis SDP-55 and SDR-35 Processors – Why 16 Channels
One of the most significant feature additions in our new JBL Synthesis processors is their ability to decode 16 channels. This video reviews the reasons why we use more channels to improve immersion and to better reproduce the Dolby Atmos, DTS-X and Auro3D audio formats. The various configurations are detailed and the platform is highly software upgradeable. New features and channel assignment options are planned in future software versions.

The above training videos are located in the “Resource” sections of Arcam and JBL Synthesis. By the end of May, three new training e-modules will be released in the “Training” sections of Lexicon and JBL. These will feature materials on the Lexicon SL1 Beam Steering loudspeaker, JBL Classic L100 and L82 loudspeakers and the JBL HDI family of compression driver speakers. June will be just as busy!

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