JBL L100

Supply Chain Update 5

Supply Chain Update # 5

To keep you better informed, we will be bringing you a supply chain update every week until further notice. In this this week's Supply Chain Update we're covering the JBL 100, Arcam firmware updates, Dirac Live Bass Control, and updates for the JBL Synthesis SDP-55 and SDR-35.

The JBL L100 Classic speakers and the improved FS120 Stands are due to arrive in our warehouses on May 15th. The L100 Classic was our top selling loudspeaker in 2019 and received many rave reviews including a 5-Star Review by What Hi-Fi?

Revel F36

We are also working on new P.O.P. that will allow you to display the L100 Classic with all three grille colors (shown at right).

If you want to hear more about what others are saying about these great speakers, check out this review on YouTube by John Darko, editor for Darko Audio.

Arcam receiver

Arcam has released its latest firmware for the AV40 , AVR30 , AVR20 and AVR10 products. This software can be found on the new Arcam website, by scrolling to the bottom of the landing pages to the Downloads section, where you'll see the v1.28 Unit Software zip file (see example below).

The software team is now focused on implementing Dirac Live Bass Control, which is the first add-on feature ever released by Dirac. This premium add-on will be available in our next software release.

While Dirac Live® addresses frequency timing issues across multiple speakers resulting in improved sound staging, better clarity and intelligibility in music, subwoofers have historically gone unaddressed. As we all know, sound waves from speakers and subwoofers collide with one another to produce an uneven bass distribution throughout a room. This uneven bass distribution results in a suboptimal listening experience that varies based on one’s position in the room. With the unique Dirac Live® Bass Control feature, the bass challenges represented by a room can be solved by upgrading the software.

Dirac Live Bass Control

Meanwhile, a new firmware release (1v28/551) is also available for the JBL Synthesis SDP-55 and SDR-35 from their product pages on the JBL Synthesis web site. The direct link is here.

SDP-55 product page

Owners continue to rave about the superb sound quality of both the SDP-55 and SDR-35!