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Arcam SA30 Software Update

By Ed Carmody
Customer Support, Quality Control

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If you have had the pleasure of listening to the Arcam SA30 then you will be well aware that not only is it a beautiful sounding amplifier, but also a software powerhouse. Compatible with all major streaming services, the SA30 is an MQA renderer, a Roon endpoint, and boasts Dirac Live room EQ.

This diverse software offering does mean that there will inevitably be some gremlins in the code that bring unexpected and unwanted side effects. Software is often an ongoing project and we are constantly working to uncover areas where our amplifiers can improve. To that end, we have identified a software issue in the SA30 where the Volume Down command, when sent over ARC from Samsung Televisions, may cause the volume to increase until it reaches 99. We have released a new software version for the SA30 to resolve this: Host v1.21. NET v521.

This software version not only solves that issue, but also introduces the option for the amplifier to ignore both volume control and power control commands from the television. This means that if you prefer, you can still control the amplifier with its own volume control while watching over ARC. You can also prevent the amplifier from switching off when you power down your television. This is a great feature if you wish to listen to your music collection without interruption when you have finished a watching session.

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This update may be installed by USB or Network/Internet
We will be focussing on the USB update method in this newsletter as it applies to every SA30 regardless of what software version is currently installed. The instructions for how to perform network/internet updates are included in the release notes bundled with every software release.

NOTE: To install v521, the SA30 must be on V323_V1.06 or later. If required, update to V323_V1.06 via the USB method detailed below. To confirm your software version, navigate to MENU>System info and note “Version” and “Net Ver.”

To update by USB
1. Visit,HDA,Integrated-Amplifier,SA30.htm to download the Software v521 zip file. Unzip this file to a convenient location.

2. You will now have a zipped and an unzipped folder, both named “SA30_V521_V1_21”. Looking inside the unzipped folder you will find two folders: “SA30_V323_V1_6” and “SA30_V521_V1_21”

3. If you are on software NET v323, v1.06 or above, place “image.swu” from “SA30_V521_V1_21” onto a memory stick that has been freshly formatted to FAT32. If you are on a version below this, then copy image.swu from “SA30_V323_V1_6” instead.

4. Start up your SA30 and insert the memory stick into the port on the back of the SA30.

5. Navigate to MENU>System Settings>USB UPDATE

6. Once selected, the SA30 will show “NET UPDATING”. After approximately ten minutes, the display will revert to what it was previously showing.

7. At this point, perform a net reset through Menu> System Settings > Net Reset and then a system reset via Menu>System Settings > System reset. The unit will switch off.

Note that following a system reset, you will need to re-apply all of your system settings so we recommend making notes of any important settings prior to the reset.

Confirm that your system software is now 1.21 and that the net shows v521. If you updated from “SA30_V323_V1_6”, please repeat this process, copying image.swu from “SA30_V521_V1_21” in order to achieve the necessary software version.

Ensuring that you use the USB, OTA or manual network options to keep your SA30 fully up to date will allow you to take advantage of the exciting new features and developments provided in the updates.

We always welcome feedback on the updates and your experience using our products
If you have something you’d like to share with us, please contact the support team at , quoting your product, serial number, installed software version and of course, your feedback.

We hope your SA30 will give you many years of listening pleasure, and encourage you to keep an eye on for updates to your Arcam products, and follow our social media for the latest Arcam news.