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Supply Chain Update 4

Supply Chain Update # 4

To keep you better informed, we will be bringing you a supply chain update every week until further notice. In this this week's Supply Chain Update we're covering the Revel F36 speakers, the JBL SA4D and M4D amplifiers, and JBL Conceal “Invisible Speaker” series.

"Simply put, I think the F36 is today's best value I've heard in a mid-priced tower speaker. There's no one to whom I wouldn't recommend it."
— Brent Butterworth, Home Theater Review, 5-star review and Best of 2017 Award

Its been almost four years since the Revel F36 was reviewed by Brent Butterworth of Home Theater Review. His “perfect” rating and our dealers’ commitment to demo these speakers are reasons they continue to sell well across the globe. These speakers still get 5-Star reviews from your customers, as noted by this recent review from a Nebraska Furniture Mart customer:

Revel F36
Revel F36 Review

The latest shipment of the Revel F36B is estimated to arrive this week in most warehouses. If you missed the great review by Home Theater Review, I strongly recommend you give it a read and see why he and others think that they are the best sounding mid-price floor standing speakers on the market and great value at $2,000/pr. Here is a link to a perfect rating of the F36.


For those of you that have heard that Harman Luxury Audio has partnered with our JBL Professional Cinema Division to offer our dealers the next generation of DSI amplifiers, that rumor is true. Starting next month, you will be able to place orders for the JBL SA4D and JBL MA4D amplifiers. MSRP will be $2,500 USD for the SA4D and $3,500 USD for the MA4D.

Built on the Crown DSI Digital Screen Array amplifier technology, integrating best-in-class CDi DriveCore DSP, these amplifiers will deliver potent, cost-effective amplification for our entire range of JBL Synthesis loudspeakers. Choose from two power configurations with analog-plus-digital featuring Dante/AES67 connectivity. Here is a link to a video that highlights the features of these two new amplifiers.

The JBL Conceal “Invisible Speaker” series of products are going through all Harman’s thorough reliability and safety testing procedures and we expect these products to be cleared for production in June. To prepare for this, we are readying now the JBL Conceal Dealer Kits for shipping in May.

We have worked hard to create not only a great sounding portable dealer kit, but also one that shows what we conceal in the walls once they are in place. We designed the dealer kit using our JBL C83 with a plexiglass rear panel that exposes what makes these speakers sound so good. Your customers will be able to see what our JBL crossover network looks like behind the acoustic-glass panel of the speaker. This dealer kit is available for purchase for $1,250 USD.

JBL Conceal Invisible Series

It consists of two (2) JBL C83 speakers enclosed in the custom enclosure with easy connectors to hook up to any amplifier or receiver. For more information about the Conceal line of invisible speakers, check out this video from last year’s introduction at CEDIA 2019.

JBL Conceal Invisible Series Dealer Kit