Revel F226Be

Supply Chain Update 3

Supply Chain Update # 3

To keep you better informed, we will be bringing you a supply chain update every week until further notice. This week we'll be covering the Revel M126Be and F226Be speakers, the ARCAM PA720 amp and ARCAM AV40 processor.

JBL HDI-3800

With our suppliers in Asia nearing full capacity again, we now have many of our loudspeakers back in production. That includes the Revel M126Be and the Revel F226Be. We expect them to be in the regional warehouses by April 22nd.The Revel F226Be, which began shipping last October, has been selling well in all colors with the Gloss Black being our top sellers globally. Look for a great Tech Talk on the Revel Waveguides in this month’s Luxury Audio Newsletter due out April 20th.

If you missed the great review by Home Theater Review in March, here is a link to their near perfect rating of the F226Be.


The ARCAM PA720 is due to arrive in our warehouses by the end of the month. This amplifier boasts 7 channels of 140 watts of Class G amplification with balanced XLR Inputs and is controllable via Ethernet and RS232. It pairs nicely with the ARCAM AV40 processor which is on the water as well, and due to arrive in our warehouses by May 10th. This processor comes with a feature set typically found in processors at twice its price, including all the latest CODECs from Dolby, DTS and IMAX Enhanced. We have constantly been updating the software on this unit to improve its performance and to add new features. The next batch of these processors will come with the latest software version v.122 already installed. But as always, we recommend our customers to connect this product to the network to allow it to perform OTA updates as they become available.

If you want to learn more about the ARCAM AV40, here is a link to Audio Advice’s recent review of the product. We appreciate the efforts that they and all of our ARCAM dealers are providing to us and their customers.

Mark Levinson No 5805 Integrated Amplifier

Lastly, the Mark Levinson No.5805 is now back in stock in all warehouses. After months of countless awards and rave reviews, this Mark Levinson integrated amplifier continues to amaze everyone who gives it a listen. We are also pleased to report that the product has finally received CCC certification for our Chinese customers who have been waiting patiently. We will begin production of CCC certified No.5805 and No.5802 in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you reach out to your distributor, or our Luxury Audio sales team in Shanghai, for more details on availability in China.