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Supply Chain Update 1

Supply Chain Update

To keep you better informed, we will be bringing you a supply chain update every week until further notice. This week we'll be covering the JBL L82 Classic, JBL Synthesis SDR-35 and SDP-55, ARCAM Solo Uno, and ARCAM SA30.

JBL L82 Classic colors

JBL L82 Classic went into mass production last week. Our regions will be coordinating with their shippers to arrange transport to the various warehouses across the globe. The matching floor stand is also in mass production at our stand supplier and those will be in transport to the regions in April as well.

JBL Synthesis SDR-35 and SDP-55 are now in stock in most warehouses. We did ship these products to the regions knowing that the software was still in the process of being updated. We kept these products on hold in the warehouse in March to allow for the most stable software update to be available to utilize the power and capabilities of this award-winning 16 channel AVR and Processor. When you receive these products, you will notice that the box has been opened to allow our warehouse personnel to insert a USB Stick with the most current software and instructions on how to update the unit during set up and installation. It is key that this update is performed on these units to ensure the latest software is installed.

By the way, the SDP-55 has received a lot of feedback on AVSFORUM from customers who did receive their product prior to the software updates. The people who have commented on the performance are excited about this unit and were pleased to see that Kevin Voecks, our Sr. Manager, Acoustic Technologies is addressing all of the comments personally.

Arcam Solo Uno back and front

ARCAM Solo Uno is now in Mass Production. This is a fantastic compact music streamer with a built-in amplifier capable of driving most of Harman Luxury Audio’s JBL and Revel speakers. It is the perfect product for someone who appreciates great sound and doesn’t want to settle for a Sonos product.

Arcam SA30 front

ARCAM SA30 will be back in Mass Production now that the factories are coming back on-line after Coronavirus delays in the Far East. We will be producing another 1000 units starting this week. This product has been our top selling SKU in 2020 and we are doing everything to increase our capacity to produce more.