Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

AIWEI Intelligent Video

Hangzhou, China

Wen Yan
Qianbao Luo
Key Statistics & Information
Opened 2015
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JBL Synthesis

The Harman Luxury Audio Group is proud of the strong professional relationships we share with our dealer partners all over the world. This month, we interviewed Wen Yan, owner and CEO of AIWEI in Hangzhou, China.

AIWEI Meeting in Theater

Please describe your company for us.
AIWEI has an intelligent audio and video center of over 2,000 square meters in Hangzhou. It has built professional private theaters, Hi-Fi audio-visual rooms, intelligent experience areas, intelligent lighting demonstration areas, golf experience areas, and more.

Everything we design is measured to precise audio and video specifications by acoustic masters. Our customers deserve the best and most enjoyable experience with every sound, sight, light and shadow.

AIWEI JBL Synthesis Theater

What is AIWEI’s Mission?
Mission: We want AIWEI to become the nation's intelligent audio and video solutions leader. Smart audio and video can be for everyone and we want to bring it to millions of households.

How many people are on the team?
The Hangzhou Head Office currently has more than 70 employees, including 19 professionally trained and certified senior intelligent audiovisual engineering experts, designers, engineers, sales professionals and after-sales service teams.

Among them, there are 10 THX / ISF dual-certified engineers, four THX certified engineers, five CEDIA certified engineers, two senior acoustic consultants from Tsinghua University, and multiple technical and engineering staff.

AIWEI trophy room

What are your current observations of the audio industry?
It’s changing. In the past, theater enthusiasts were mainly limited to movie theaters, high-end commercial display areas, and high-end villa residential applications. The installation location had to be a separate audio-visual room.

Now it's different. It’s no longer just a luxury product. It’s a digital consumer product. As long as there is a space of more than 15 square meters, a home theater can be installed. In particular, with the emergence of smart home and the continuous deepening of its concept, the audio-visual system has undergone new changes in nature and gradually merged with smart home, making it more accessible. We hope the future holds continued growth and accessibility.

AIWEI Theater

What do you like most about Harman and the luxury audio brands?
I also recognize the value of Harman's luxury audio department. Nowadays, luxury consumption is a very popular topic. Many people want to buy luxury goods, but not all people can afford it.

Luxury goods are non-necessities, which means that luxury goods are not things that can satisfy people's survival needs. Luxury goods are consumer products with unique, scarce, and expensive characteristics.

The existence of a luxury audio department that can provide services to luxury customers who pursue high-quality life, high taste, high income strength, and high-level status provides great opportunity.

AIWEI confrence room

How do you see the future of the audio industry taking shape?
Now that the era of intelligent interconnection has arrived, the quality of people's lives has improved. Every corner of the home can now have high quality audio and video.

As such, in the future, products should pay more attention to quality and be more intelligent, efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly. I believe that AIWEI will continue to seek breakthroughs, bring innovative intelligent connectivity solutions to the market, and bring new high-quality living experiences.