Revel Performa F226Be colors

From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Revel F226Be Review

Recently, esteemed reviewer Brian Kahn from took a listen to the all-new Revel Performa F226Be, and shared his thoughts with the high-end audio world. Here are a few of our favorite observations he made.

“The Revel Performa F226Be is an all-around excellent speaker at a competitive price point. Its speed and cohesiveness provide a realistic image into which the speakers can disappear. While I thought I would miss the bigger F228Be, I spent many hours listening to a wide variety of jazz, blues and rock without ever thinking I wished I had the bigger speakers here.”

“The F226Be was a pleasant surprise with its razor-sharp imaging and balanced sound reproduction.”

“The speakers disappeared in the soundstage, leaving the vocals and each of the instruments to float in their own space, better defined both laterally across the soundstage and in distance from the listener.”

Click here to read the very detailed review in its entirety.

As you may recall, the F226Be is not the first Revel Beryllium Series speaker Kahn has reviewed. Back in March of 2019, he reviewed the F228Be and had kind things to say about that model, as well. Click here to read that review.