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Solutions Center

Self-help Advice for Owners of Mark Levinson Electronics

by Dale Seidlitz, Manager of Global Quality

Modern Hi-Fi equipment has moved on a long way over the years and is generally very reliable, giving many years of uninterrupted use with little or no service or maintenance required.

There is, however, one thing that end-users may encounter with their Mark Levinson equipment and that is replacing the accessible mains fuse. By carrying out this simple self-help task, your system will be back up and playing music much faster than if the unit is returned to a dealer or service center.

While a simple task, there are some key points to bear in mind:

  • ONLY outside-accessible fuses can be changed.

  • The fuse value and type are shown on the rear of the unit. The replacement fuse MUST be of the same type and value. If in doubt, please contact customer support and they will advise and if required send out the correct replacement fuses.

  • If the replacement fuse also fails, further advice must be sought, as it may indicate a deeper problem.

  • Care must be taken so as not to damage the fuse-holder and we will cover that next…

To change the AC mains fuse, we recommend a very small flat-head screwdriver for this work. It does NOT take a lot of pressure or force to pull the fuse holder out.

Pop the fuse holder out of the AC inlet module by pressing down gently on the tabs circled in the green area, shown below and slowly pull back the holder. You might have to unclip alternate sides a couple of times, but once loose, the force from the fuse spring will push it out for you (see graphic at right).

If you need a fuse, we have provided the fuse part numbers for you for easy reference. The type of fuse is listed on the back of the unit next to the fuse holder.