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Global Customer Support: Teamwork Creates the Personal Touch

by Mike Sumner, Field Support Engineer

In keeping up with the high level of quality and excellence standards expected of Harman Luxury Audio brands, we have assembled a Global Customer Support Team for Harman Luxury Audio led by our Customer Support Manager, Stefan Happe. Our team is comprised of technically trained Field Support Engineers with more than 50 years of combined Harman experience. These longtime Harman family members take a unique and personal approach to each and every individual inquiry that comes through our pipeline to support our customer base of: dealers, service centers, distributors, and, of course, end-users.

We firmly believe in upholding a standard of excellence, both pre-sale and post-sale, as our customers are the most important force behind the continued success of our brands.

The personal service journey begins bright and early every morning as our team combs through our CRM system on a first come, first serve basis, via multiple 24/7/365 email inboxes; for U.S. and for EMEA.

Combined, we work together as a Global Customer Support Team to address any support requests that concern our Harman Luxury Audio product brands in the field. This could be anything from fault finding/troubleshooting to wanting to purchase parts.

One of the key assets our Global Customer Support Team is able to leverage in our service mission is an internal database with more than 30 years of product service documentation and accumulated wisdom of the Luxury Audio business unit’s brightest minds.

In certain scenarios, particularly with brand new products or legacy products from decades past, we are able to physically interface with our accessible Product Engineering teams in Cambridge (UK), Northridge, CA. and Shelton, CT. This means that some of the answers we are able to provide are quite literally verbatim from the chief designer or principal engineer that designed the product!

Another of our unique resources is the ‘Lux Lab,’ consisting of modern home entertainment equipment set up in a realistic use case. This has proven invaluable when it comes to replicating detailed customer issues reported from the field.

Our goal at the Global Customer Support Team is to always deliver complete customer satisfaction to every dealer, distributor, service center and end-user by finding the best and correct resolution to their need. This reflects the quality and excellence standards recognized of Harman Luxury Audio brands and one that sets us apart from our competitors. Collaboration and communication is the key to accomplishing that goal.

On behalf of our global team I would like to close by saying:

It is an honor and privilege that we serve you daily. We encourage you to continue to communicate with us so we can continue to improve and evolve into further quality and excellence standards, recognized with the Mark Levinson, Revel, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon and Arcam brands.

Thank you for contacting Customer Support and have a great day!