Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

CAV Intelligent AV System

Multiple locations in China and other countries

At the Harman Luxury Audio Group, we consider ourselves fortunate to work with the best dealer partners in the consumer audio industry. This month, the folks at CAV in China tell us a little about their company in their own words.

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CAV is a large-scale AV system integrator and service provider in mainland China. We provide AV products, space planning, acoustic environment design, and the world's leading sound quality management system – all with the goal of delivering consumers the ultimate in technical service.

As a leading brand in production and sales of high-end home theater devices, CAV has earned a substantial number of loyal customers in China over nearly 27 years of being in business. CAV's AV products first attracted wide attention in 1993. Over the next 26 years, CAV developed a reputation for innovation, which was a big key to its success. Today, CAV's accolades have them recognized all over the world.

Company Philosophy
Providing excellence for those who seek it.

We employ a forward-looking approach to our services. In our ultimate pursuit of bringing a high-quality listening and viewing experience to every single customer, we need to always be exploring the higher realm of sound. With comprehensive and careful consideration of consumer demand, CAV provides not only a series of professional AV products but also a lifestyle that fits the spiritual needs. We feel a solemn responsibility to have our solutions reproduce the impassioned creation of artists in a manner that would make them proud.

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Development of Audio Industry
The Chinese audio product market has developed rapidly in recent years. China has developed into a major producer and exporter of audio devices. Since 2007 the total value output of China’s electronic audio products has more than doubled, from 167.8 billion yuan, to 344.8 billion yuan in 2019.

With the rising consumption of young people and the continued launch of more smart products, the total output value of consumer electronic audio products is expected to keep growing even more rapidly in the future.

Company's Awareness of the Importance of Training
We have an excellent service team. As a well-known professional audio brand in China, CAV always prioritizes team cultivation. In addition to multiple technical trainings per year and the month of national touring training of technologists, CAV actively organizes its staff to participate in industry-related educational opportunities and get relevant professional certifications such as the HAA-THX home theater senior integration engineer certification and Smart Home Senior Engineer certification. Our goal is an industry-leading and first-class service team with comprehensive talents and independent problem solving skills.

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Date of Establishment, Staff Number, Development, Store Number and Relationship with Harman
Established in 1993, CAV Intelligent AV System has sales networks in more than ten countries, and hundreds of franchised stores and experience centers in China, with nearly 30 hectares of production base and nearly 1,000 production, office and sales personnel.

Choosing the best peers is the core strategy of CAV to maintain long-term competitiveness. In 2016, CAV established a strategic partnership with Arcam. Since partnering with Arcam, their engineering team has visited CAV on many occasions to facilitate joint research and development, and technical training. The AVR390 is an example of a cooperative product between CAV and ARCAM that provides a high-quality listening experience with leading edge decoding ability.

Team Introduction
CAV’s expert, hands-on team has all the skills and qualifications to create a world-class home theater for you.

Acoustic and aesthetic design team
Relying on the experts of Institute of Acoustics, Tsinghua University and led by a Master of Architectural Acoustics, the team consists of acoustic virtuosos, senior interior decoration designers, and engineers responsible for the planning and design of every home theater project.

AV system design team
Led by the first THX certified senior engineer in Shenzhen with more than 20 years of experience in the AV industry, the team consists of AV system engineers, responsible for planning and design of your home theater project.

Construction, installation and supervision team
The construction, installation and supervision team is led by another veteran professional with more than 20 years of experience, including specifically more than 10 years of experience in luxury mansion home theater projects.

Intelligent AV system center control design team
The experienced engineering team specializing in intelligent center control provides the customized design that makes your ultimate home theater experience unique to you.

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