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From the Audio Files

From the Audio Files

Revel Concerta2 F35 Makes What HiFi? Best Floorstanding Speakers of 2020 List

Revel loudspeakers have been honored and recognized with a variety of awards from a plethora of recognized and respected industry publications – and it never ceases to be special.

That said, some awards require the eyebrow to raise slightly higher. We believe this to be the case when What HiFi? identified the Revel Concerta2 F35 as one of “the best floorstanding speakers you can buy in 2020.”

Why? Well, multiple reasons. First, Revel is the only non-European speaker brand featured on this list of 20 speakers . That’s a pretty remarkable distinction!

Secondly, the F35 has been around for a while. In the world of consumer audio and premium loudspeakers, new and exciting products hit the market with whiplashing frequency, each one after the next leveraging whatever exciting new technology and testing procedures are on the leading edge. So when someone lavishes praise on a product that doesn’t fit the “brand new” label, it really says something.

We were reminded back in February 2019 of What HiFi?’s affinity for the F35 after they gave it a 5-star review – and this after issuing a sparkling review of the Concerta2 M16 in October of 2018.

Thank you, What HiFi?, for your continuing support!

If you’re not carrying the remarkable Concerta2 line in your showroom, we would like to urge you at this time to consider starting! Not only do they sound and look great, but they represent some of Revel’s most accessible loudspeakers in terms of price point, and have clearly demonstrated their staying power as a speaker of note in the market.

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