Házimozi Stúdió – Törökbálint, Hungary

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

Házimozi Stúdió

Törökbálint, Hungary

Technical Director
Sandor Snell
Key Statistics & Information
Founded 1997
Harman Brands Supported

Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Revel

The Harman Luxury Audio Group is proud of the strong professional relationships we share with our dealer partners. This month, we talked with Sandor Snell from Hazimozi Studio to discuss their business and stunning purpose-built studio in Hungary.

How did Hazimozi Studio start-up?

Hazimozi Studio has specialised in Home Cinema for more than 20 years, we design, install, deliver, set-up and test to ensure acoustics are optimized for the perfect home cinema. We have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge that enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers. We have a holistic approach that means we can provide the best advice and best value when creating bespoke home cinemas. Home Cinema is our passion as well as our sole focus for the business.

What differentiates Hazimozi Studio in the market?

We design and install home cinemas bringing all the elements together to design the very best system. We keep in mind all of the smaller details to ensure that customers get the best out of their products and devices. User experience is the key to providing the dream home cinema, and we do this by ensuring we meet the exact needs of our customers, taking into account their home theatre room design and construction to deliver flawless music and movie experiences.

What makes us special is our purpose-built studio – we took a residential property and turned it into a full demonstration house. We have 5 rooms dedicated to home cinema, each of these include Harman products to showcase the products and what they can really do. Our customers can get the real experience of a home cinema as our studio is set-up in a home environment. We showcase all 5 brands for Harman in our studio. Demonstrations are really important to us to show sophisticated systems to our customers – we offer value by consulting and educating our customers on products and presenting the benefits of a room designed for home cinema.

Which brands do you see as the key brands for Home Cinema?

We sell and present all 5 luxury audio brands for Harman, but ARCAM and Revel are key brands as they provide an affordable solution for our market – we do very well despite a niche market in Hungary which is because we offer the value and support to our customers.

Any final comments?

We are very proud of our studio, our expertise and the value we can offer customers. We have a very strong partnership with Harman and a perfect relationship with our Account Manager, Alan Davidson. Please watch our video [shown below] for a glimpse of our amazing home cinema rooms.

For more on Hazimozi Studio, visit their website at hazimozistudio.hu