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Training Tips

Training Tips

The Mark Levinson Academy

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

If there is one brand at Harman that represents state-of-the-art luxury and an uncompromised approach to music reproduction, that brand is Mark Levinson. Twice a year, a select group of attendees get an inside look at the brand, the engineers behind the name, and experience the substance that is represented in every Mark Levinson 500 and 5000 series product. The Mark Levinson academy is a focused opportunity over multiple days to help attendees internalize the special value that only owning Mark Levinson offers its owners.

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The academy begins in New York City with a visit to the Harman Store where senior managers lead a tour at Harman’s sole retail presence in the USA. The visit gives attendees a greater understanding of our larger Lifestyle Group and the impact of new marketing ideas and partnerships that support dealers’ sales of all of our products including Mark Levinson. The tour is highlighted with presentations in the lower level that is focused on the Luxury Audio brands including Revel and JBL Synthesis. After a quick lunch it is on to Shelton, Connecticut for an introduction to our engineering group and a formal introduction to the products.

Harman Store new York City

Day two is spent with our Mark Levinson engineering team in Shelton, offering a deep dive into the technology and design considerations, led by Todd Eichenbaum, Mark Levinson’s Director of Engineering. His team of dedicated senior engineers reveal the inner details and un-compromised quality processes that go into every Mark Levinson component. A greater understanding and ability to convey the Mark Levinson value is the result.

Demonstrations of the products with an array of Revel speakers show how only reference quality components can bring pristine and un-colored music reproduction that conveys the emotions of music to its highest level. Our last academy concluded with a sound comparison of the new No5805 Integrated amplifier with a highly recognized competitor. This final demonstration confirms Mark Levinson value as it compares to highly regarded competition.

Mark Levinson Academy Group Discussion

If you would like to attend the Mark Levinson academy and experience these USA designed and built products, they are held twice per year for small groups. Please contact your regional manager to apply for a space in our next academy in April 2020 at a date to be specified soon.