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Training Tips

Training Tips

Harman Luxury University is Now Live!

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

The first Harman Luxury University training modules are now available for Luxury Audio Dealers, and provide useful tools to help educate on Mark Levinson and JBL Synthesis. These and subsequent training modules are designed to be informative, fun to take, and are purposed to improve your ability to sell, design and install our products and systems from Mark Levinson, JBL Synthesis, Arcam, Lexicon and Revel.

Access courses here:

The first two Mark Levinson modules are:

Mark Levinson Overview – This module gives you concise talking points on Mark Levinson as a brand. The history, value and core technologies that differentiate Mark Levinson over the competition are the focus. This module is a prerequisite before taking course number 2.

Mark Levinson 5000 Series – The new 5000 series was the inspiration behind the creation of our e-learning program! The new No5802 and No5805 integrated amplifiers pack groundbreaking innovation, and gaining a full understanding of their immense capability will give you the tools to supercharge your demonstrations of these amplifiers in live systems.

JBL Synthesis has set the standard for private home cinemas with engineered home cinema solutions that have evolved since 1992. The first three modules provide basic overview and detailed components information on the new JBL Synthesis Systems for 2020. These three modules are required for all dealers to take prior to attending our 2020 JBL Synthesis Theater workshops for certification training. We will provide more detailed JBL Synthesis information in next month’s newsletter.

Luxury Audio features many great products across all of our brands, and future modules (coming soon!) will demonstrate that. While the early training session are fairly general in nature, subsequent modules will offer details in not just product specifics but design and installation. Stay tuned as Harman University continues to develop!

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