ADEO Group 2-Channel Room

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

ADEO Group

Lavis, Italy

Executive Team
Sasha Defranceschi
Paolo Gadotti
Luca Moresco
Key Statistics & Information
Founded 1989
Harman Brands Supported

Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, Revel

The Harman Luxury Audio Group is proud of the strong professional relationships we share with our dealer partners all over the world. This month, we interviewed Sasha Defranceschi, owner and CTO of ADEO Group in Lavis, Italy.

How did ADEO start-up?
ADEO started up in 1989 initially as a screen manufacturer and distributor for video projectors. In the early 2000’s we started shifting our focus to residential channels recognising the value we could offer in this market.

ADEO specialises in three divisions: Pro AV to provide dedicated experience to professional projects and installation; Home AV specialising in home theatre systems, multi-room audio-video, advanced home automation, networking and high-end stereo; and Screen – we manufacture high-end video projection screens.

We have strong know-how for complex integrations and can provide innovative solutions as a specialist distributor for audio, video and networking, offering complete solutions to system integrators.

ADEO JBL Synthesis Theater

What is ADEO’s Mission?
ADEO’s mission goes beyond simply being the leader in the residential market. We want to lead far ahead of our competition and offer the most value to our customers in the residential market. We do this by creating experiences and instilling into our dealers that offering value is the most important element of our strategy and future survival of this industry.

How many people are in the team? And, what facilities do you have?
We have 25 people in our Italy office and a further 35 across our other 2 companies, ADEO Screen and Screen Research.

In 2018, we invested into a large showroom with multiple systems and custom solutions on display that allows our dealers to experience how good the products we offer look and sound. We also encourage our dealers to bring in their customers to experience this too!’’

ADEO lobby

Thoughts on the importance of training?
Training is essential to ADEO group. In the future dealers will not sell products they will need to be able to create experiences for their customers. We help our dealers to become more specialised in what they do; the more specialist and the more knowledgeable they are, the more valuable they become.

For this reason, regular training and updates from the manufacturers we work with is very important. It allows us to remain specialised and pass our knowledge down to our dealer base.

We also aggregate marketing communications and new product information from the brands we sell, and distribute this to our dealer base.

ADEO Training Room

What events / training do you offer your dealers to keep them up to date?
‘’As well as offering regular trainings in our new showroom to our dealer base, for the last two years we have held an event which celebrates our top dealers in Italy. The three-day event comprises of 2 days of training and 1 day of fun activities.

The 1st day and for the first half of the 2nd day we carried out classic presentations to inform our dealers of all the latest product releases from CEDIA. The 2nd half of the day, to do things a little different, we split our dealers into 3 groups and carried out 3 workshops:

    1. Multiroom audio-video and networking
    2. How to design a home theatre
    3. Dirac Live training

The dealers were so enthusiastic about training and the workshops that we ended up staying late on the first day to provide more information! And, we receive many requests for further training which we are committed to make happen.

For lunch on the 1st day we took our dealers to a unique location at a winery for wine-tasting. And, in the evening we took them to a restaurant where we awarded 6 prizes for various ‘best projects’, as an example, best multi-room project. And, to all of our dealers we gifted them a JBL GO2.

For the 3rd day, we took our dealers to a special place near Lake Garda, called Malcesine. From there we took the cable car to Monte Baldo where we did medium difficulty level trekking with a nice lunch at 1.800mt altitude. We also offered a range of other activities including paragliding!

This type of event emphasises our commitment to creating and delivering experiences – we create dealer loyalty with these luxury experiences.’’

ADEO Revel Front Room

What do you like most about Harman and the luxury audio brands? And which ranges do you see as key products?
Harman’s level of competence and research and development capabilities in Northridge and Cambridge are unmatched in the industry. JBL Synthesis products are the strongest performing products compared to anything in the market. And, we see JBL Synthesis and ARCAM as the most powerful brands behind the Harman Luxury Group.

The investment into these brands appears to be stepping up. And, we believe combining this with the high-performing product ranges will take the brands a long way.

How do you think the audio industry is currently doing?
The market is always changing and especially in an online world where it is easy to buy products at convenience. This is why it is so important to us to be value-added. We can’t simply box-shift as seen in a commercial environment, there is no value in this as it’s an overpopulated market. Our ethos is to keep specialised and offer value and experience in line with where the market is going.

Any final comments?
The current team at Harman are the best team at Harman Luxury Audio there ever has been. We now have the proper support we need. George and the team are always available to offer a solution to any problem that may arise.

As a final note on our In-house manufactured products, our screens from Screen Research are perfectly matched to JBL Synthesis and ARCAM systems due to the high-end development and production of the screens. We can provide full turnkey high-end product solutions because of this.

You can learn more about ADEO Group at