Tariff Update - American and Chinese Flags

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What's New

Tariff Update

As most of you are aware, on September 1st, President Trump instituted the collection of an additional 15% tariff on finished goods and components coming from China to the United States. While this isn’t ideal, we would like to share with you some GOOD news. Despite the increase in tariffs, we’re not correspondingly raising our dealer cost and MSRP on architectural speakers and a couple of other products that we manufacture in China until January of 2020.

I always try to find a silver lining in everything that happens in life and wanted to share how you can leverage our existing inventory in the US to your future advantage. In anticipation of this tariff, we brought in additional inventory prior to September 1st on the affected products. That inventory is available to you at the current cost and we will only increase the costs to you whenever we bring in additional inventory. So, in a couple of months the market will have a new MSRP, but you still have the ability to purchase inventory at the same cost. If you are interested in leveraging this opportunity to buy low and sell high, call your regional sales manager or go to the dealer portal and stock up before the holidays.

Nobody knows when this current Trade War will subside, but at least you now know how to maximize our inventory to improve your financial situation for the near term.

Dave Tovissi

VP & GM - Luxury Audio