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From the Audio Files

Revel Announces Three New Performa Beryllium Series Models

September 12, 2019

DENVER, Colorado — Revel today announced the addition of three new models to the award winning lineup of Performa Beryllium loudspeakers at CEDIA 2019, expanding the existing range into a family of five. The new additions to the series include two floorstanding loudspeakers and a new center channel.

Developed as a flagship for the Beryllium Series, the F328Be incorporates a newly developed 1-inch Beryllium tweeter with a vented pole piece and a much larger ferrite motor structure that delivers improved dynamics and increased overall output capability. This powerful tweeter is mated to a sixth-generation Acoustic Lens waveguide for controlled directivity and seamless integration with the midrange transducer. Cast from aluminum and coated in a ceramic finish, this new waveguide has revised geometry with an overall larger size and contouring at the outer edges that further eliminates diffraction at the transition point to the cabinet baffle. A dedicated 5.25-inch Deep Ceramic Composite (DCC) cone midrange driver and triple 8-inch DCC cone woofers complete the design. While similar in design to the 8-inch woofers used in the existing F228Be, the F328Be woofers have undergone additional refinement in the motor structure to offer improved performance for this flagship model. The refined woofers operate in a bass-reflex design with dual rear-firing tuned ports.

As the smallest of the Beryllium floorstanding models, the F226Be (shown at left) offers phenomenal performance from a compact enclosure size. The slender cabinet design houses a pair of 6.5-inch cast-frame, DCC cone woofers, in addition to the same 1-inch Beryllium tweeter, cast-aluminum ceramic coated Acoustic Lens waveguide, and 5.25-inch DCC midrange driver as found in the larger F228Be. To complement the smaller design, the F226Be enclosure has additional internal window-pane bracing to eliminate cabinet-induced coloration. With its remarkable acoustic performance, elegant appearance and choice of premium finishes, the F226Be sets a new standard for compact floorstanding loudspeakers.

To meet the demand for a high-performance home theater solution, the C426Be becomes the first dedicated center channel loudspeaker in the Performa Beryllium range. To match the Beryllium bookshelf and floorstanding models, the C426Be utilizes a 1-inch Beryllium tweeter and 5.25-inch cast frame DCC cone midrange driver for the critical midrange and high frequencies. The Acoustic Lens waveguide used in the C426Be features a revised geometry that optimizes integration and reduces the overall stack height of these two vertically-oriented transducers. Four 6.5-inch cast frame, DCC cone woofers operating in a dual rear-ported, bass-reflex design, deliver full range bass response even at the highest listening levels. Four adjustable legs allow the C426Be to be properly positioned when placed directly on a shelf, or it can be used with the optional C Stand floor stand accessory.

“When we introduced the first two Beryllium models – the M126Be and F228Be – we wanted to bring the magic of the beryllium tweeter used in the Ultima2 range down to much lower prices,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. “Building upon the success of those first two models, we expect a very warm reception for these new additions to the Performa Beryllium series.”

As with the two existing Performa Beryllium models, the new F328Be, F226Be, and C426Be feature a black cloth, magnetically attached grille, and come in a choice of four premium high-gloss wood veneer or automotive-grade painted finishes including Walnut, Black, White, and Metallic Silver. The F226Be floorstander has a retail price of $7,000.00/pair with availability beginning in late September, 2019. The C426Be center channel has a retail price of $4,500.00/each with availability beginning in January 2020. The flagship F328Be floorstander has a retail price of $16,000.00/pair with availability beginning in February 2020.

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