Dynamic Audio Tokyo

Dealer Profile

Dealer Profile

Dynamic Audio

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan

Executive Team
CEO Hitoo Funazu
Key Statistics & Information
Employees 33
Harman Brands Supported

JBL, Mark Levinson, Revel

Buying Group Affiliation


We recently interviewed Funazu of Dynamic Audio, one of Japan's premier audio dealers. Here are some of the highlights...

How was Dynamic Audio started as a company? Please tell us the path that you have taken so far.

The company was founded in Akihabara, Tokyo in March 1965, against the backdrop of the first audio boom. As audio products began to spread to ordinary households, vacuum tubes were replaced by transistors. As an audio specialty store that has consistently dealt in domestic audio, we have been our customers’ source for top end audio products as technology continues to advance.

What are your strengths and what are your biggest differences from other dealers?

Being conveniently located in the town of Akihabara in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are able to quickly fulfill the needs of our sophisticated customer, whatever their product desires are. Therefore, we have a lot of visitors from not only the Kanto region but overseas as well. In addition, there are 11 floors at 2 stores in Akihabara, and each floor has its own unique product configurations and sales corners, providing customers a variety of high quality listening environments.

Please tell us about the history of your partnership with us.

Among the overseas brands that we feature, JBL and Mark Levinson have many fans in Japan, and the brands are as strong as they have ever been. In particular, JBL’s successive flagship models have always performed well in sales.

What do you hope to see from our products in order to build a good partnership with us in the future?

We would like you to continue developing products that deserve to be “appreciated” by the sophisticated audio consumer, rather than products that are just designed to “consume” music. We would also like you to pursue the possibility of reaching new luxury audio customers through innovating more audio products and technologies that appeal to our sophisticated customers’ appreciation for rich musicality.

Lastly, what are your company's vision and future goals?

We aim to carry products that cannot be obtained by mass production. We want the more affluent musical lifestyle that our team and enterprise promotes to truly be something special.

You can learn more about Dynamic Audio on their website at dynamicaudio.jp