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by Stefan Happe, Customer Service Manager

Our modern world is ruled by cost and efficiency. Unfortunately, these two concepts, once the basis of a brand’s stability and reliability, have become somewhat "naughty" words.

At Harman, we realize that a "one use only" mentality, one that many of our competitors still advocate, is not sustainable. An intelligent and effective Spares and Service Management department philosophy is a key component to a strong and stable future for our brands. Our goal is to keep our products delivering their renowned qualities for longer, delivering exceptional audio into your life for longer.

How do we do this?

  • First and foremost, evaluate past successes and failures

  • Maintain a spotless inventory

  • Use analytics and trends to create airtight forecasts and eliminate waste

  • Structure a distribution model compatible with geographic need

A major improvement we’ve recently implemented is including the Customer Service team in the process. In the past, they’d hadn’t been, and therefore any decision on what spares to purchase was made with a "I need one now so I better buy 100" philosophy, leaving us with a massive discrepancy between inventory and observable demand.

Now, Customer Support is involved from the very beginning of new product introductions. Using data trends that go back many years, we define place initial orders for the assemblies we want to carry as spare parts from the original Bill of Materials, allowing us to be proactive and prepared. Diligent usage analysis gives us real-time trend data that we use to optimize our readiness. The positive changes we’ve seen have been dramatic!

Additionally, Spares Distribution has spread to Europe. As recently as a year ago, we only kept spare parts in our US Distribution Center, leading to occasional lengthy turnaround times for European customers. Once again, the positive impact of this change on our efficiency has been profound.

Another vital improvement that is currently in progress is getting all Luxury Spare Parts added to the Dealer Portal, enabling you to order what you need with just a few clicks.

We’re confident that you, as our valued customer, will already have experienced some of these improvements and it will only continue to grow in quality.

This is our commitment to you.

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