Training Tips

Training Tips

Luxury Audio to Launch E-Learning Site this Fall

By Chris Robinson, Manager, Global Training

Dealer Training is a key requirement for our dealers to sell and support the wide range of the HARMAN Luxury Audio Group’s products and systems. With five brands and an increasingly knowledgeable consumer, it becomes a challenge to support our dealers’ informational needs solely with training academies, Web-Ex sessions and in-field training. As a result, we are teaming with Training Allies to supplement our existing programs with a customized online university that’s user-friendly and optimized for our dealer partners’ learning needs. This tool will provide easy access to valuable information and resources to more effectively sell and install Mark Levinson, Arcam, JBL Synthesis, Lexicon and Revel products and systems.

There are multiple applications for our new E-learning program. First, all of our training programs and resources will be hosted on a new Luxury Audio Learning Management Systems (LMS) site, providing 24/7 access to training materials for our dealer partners in the USA and around the globe. A dealer can just register and then have access to newly developed training modules, videos and an archive of previously used materials.

New narrated training modules are already in development. Subject content will be designed for an engaging, interactive experience that is broken into brief timeframes (less than 10 mins each). We want our dealers to have access to informative to easily have a conversation with a customer and help show value and the unique benefits of our products and systems.

E-learning modules will also simplify the technical elements to make the content more digestible, while still addressing “deep end” topics for those hungry for details. Non-technical but equally vital aspects such as selling tips and presentation methods will also help our partners elevate their sales strategies.

In addition to E-Learning modules, we will post video content from our Training Academies in which the industry greats that lead our acoustic research and engineering groups share their wisdom. We’ll also share installation resource information from specialized workshops, and lastly, information on future training events.

We’re confident that E-learning will make it easier than ever to present and sell Harman Luxury products more effectively.

New Luxury Audio e-learning site