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JBL Synthesis SSW-2 Subwoofer

JBL Synthesis loudspeaker systems take control of your emotions and don’t let go. Part of the JBL Synthesis Subwoofer series, the SSW-2 is an ultra-high performance passive subwoofer acoustically designed to complement any of the JBL Synthesis Custom Loudspeakers (SCL Series) as part of a complete JBL Synthesis solution.

The SSW-2 features dual 12-inch cast-frame, composite cone woofers, each with massive four-inch voice coils for total system power handling of 1200W RMS. Cabinet tuning is via dual front-firing tuned ports featuring JBL’s patented Slipstream™ contouring for incredibly low-noise performance. The robust enclosure is constructed from minimum one-inch MDF with extensive internal v-bracing, and includes a steel-frame, magnetically attached cloth grille. The configuration of the enclosure allows it to be positioned vertically or horizontally for tremendous placement flexibility in applications including built-in, behind a screen, or in-room.

The JBL Synthesis SSW-2 retails for $3,500.

More on JBL Synthesis systems: www.jblsynthesis.com. And be sure to visit us at CEDIA for exciting news regarding JBL Synthesis, your turnkey solution for the ultimate in home theater.